Neutral Gear in Fashion!

Neutral Gear in Fashion!

What is gender neutral fashion? What does it mean to dress as per one’s style and not as per the gender when it comes to clothes and footwear? This article is about various kinds of clothes for men and women which can be worn by genders.

Clothes don’t inherently have a gender. Gender neutral fashion is a term that describes the practice of wearing clothing, hairstyles and accessories that have no gender-specific association. It can therefore simply be understood as "fashion that is not designed to recall or highlight differences between genders". This allows you to express who you are without being limited by society’s conventions and expectations.

What do you think of when you hear the words gender neutral fashion? Do you think about shirts and pants that are made to be loose fitting for men and women? Do you think about a dress that can be worn by either men or women? You may even think about how that’s considered a gender-neutral wardrobe, but what does it even mean to wear clothes based on your style not based on your sexuality?

When Ranvir Singh makes an appearance for events in skirts, it makes news. Men in skirts is still bizarre concept. Skirts are for women and it is considered exceptionally bold and astonishing for a man to wear skirts. The good part is that it isn’t an outrage and the society has moved on from considering it offensive or unacceptable. But we are still far from finding such styling to be normal or a common practice.

Why should clothes be gender neutral?

Gender preferences are personal to every individual. However, a strict assigning of clothing styles to specific gender in a way restricts a person’s expression and ability to live with their true identities. Our social construct is rapidly becoming more open – minded and gaining better perspective on the subject of sexualities. With such rapid change in the societies, it is time for fashion brands to be an integral part of this evolution.

The fashion industry is a huge influencer in a society. It shapes people’s taste and defines who they think of as the acceptable “model” for young people.

Fashion essentially is about challenging traditional ideas of clothing styles. Having said that it is time this industry chooses to blend the lines between genders. This can already be seen in brands like H&M and Topshop, who produce clothes which could be considered gender neutral or gender fluid.

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