Size is Just a Number

Size is Just a Number

Fashion is defined as an activity or habit of dressing in a particular way or style, usually with an overriding concern for appearance. Fashion can also be described as “what people wear“, but that is only one aspect of it. It also refers to how people think and what they feel about themselves, their social circle and their beliefs. This means fashion as an aspect is important to cultures. Fashion affects our lives.

How fashion brands depict their designs and the beliefs and culture that fashion brands promote are Fashion brands have always been about more than just clothes, but that’s not to say that clothes aren’t still the main attraction.

In today’s world, fashion is more of a lifestyle than ever before, with consumers getting their information from social media, rather than from traditional sources like magazines and TV shows. This means that people are less likely to buy something they see on the runway and more likely to buy something they see on Instagram or Facebook.

This trend has led to a shift in how fashion looks: instead of focusing on one specific body type and sticking with it, designers are now designing for all bodies and making sure that each piece can be worn by women of every size and shape.

There are many benefits to this type of inclusive fashion design: Not only does it help women feel comfortable and confident in their own skin—it also gives them more options when shopping for clothes!

More than a decade back the fashion industry was highly judgemental and hugely obsessed with overtly slim models. Voluptuous or fuller models faced a big rejection and found it almost impossible to work in the industry. After a few sever cases of size obsession leading to malnutrition and other health issues the fashion industry saw a huge change in their mindsets. This too was a gradual change which wasn’t adapted by all bigger brands as swiftly as was needed.

From then to today, when plus size models are flourishing in ‘style and fashion’ is a big step for the industry. While the mass production brands have widened the size range of their design the individual designer brands have also adapted to designing and customising their high-end designs for plus size models.

It was some what disruptive a few years back when Sabyasachi introduced a beautiful deeper skin toned plus sized model though his collection. Today she is seen modelling for designs in all his collections over social media, to say the least.

Not only that. Even the boost in influencer profiles over the past decade has seen a drastic uprise in many medium to plus sized women joining the styling and fashion industry. The immediate acceptance and infact, the popularity of these profiles is the real picture of what today’s youth finds most. The love and appreciation for the content of these influencers is tremendous and encouraging for women to love their natural body type without inhibitions and has led the wave of body positivity that’s ruling the Indian fashion industry to say the least.

The upcoming fashion brands, small businesses and even the growing fashion designers that have liberal, or let us say more practical size charts and customizable options have seen higher and faster popularity compared to businesses that tried to grow on the typical size standards which are getting obsolete very fast.

Share your thoughts on this blog and the names of your most loved size inclusive fashion brand in the comments below.

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