About Us


Rautela’s Co is a small batch clothing company. Started in 2020 in the suburbs of Mumbai after a successful pilot for it’s designs in a few corporate exhibitions. Post the pandemic lock down the company completed 75+ exhibitions all over Mumbai and got first-hand feedback from its clients.

The unanimous and constant review of out products have been;

fresh and new designs…

unique and stylish…

I had seen that shrug that was on display the last time you were here, I was looking for it online, couldn’t find that kind. Have you got it this time?

Your stall has the most unique stuff. None of the stalls here have stuff like yours.

I was just here to look around but your collection is really nice. So, I want to buy that co-or set from you.

Lovely collection and brilliant prices ya!

In the past couple of years, we have grown from single product design to small batch size manufacturing. The process has been enriching and our experiences have helped us shape our perspective on the fashion brand that we want to be. A fashion brand that is sustainable in more than one way. The company aims to create designs that can be restyled to create a whole new look more than once.


The brand was born out of sheer passion and genuine love for styling clothes. Styling clothes without prejudices, preconceived notions or any discrimination whatsoever. While designing our core concerns are designs, fabrics, colors and patterns that can be accessory to anyone’s personal style and can aid someone in boldly outlining their personal fashion into a style statement.

Crop Tops -Pair them with a saree or inside a formal coat and pair it with a denim that you love.

Co-ords – Comfortable resort wear, smart casual top, comfortable night wear for your slumber house parties. 

Peplum Shrugs – Celeb like elegance when paired with a saree, lovely with a lehenga and funky fusion with a pair of denims.

Sarees – For us sarees are not a traditional Indian wear. It is a royal attire for our beautiful natural Indian body types. While creating and curating sarees for Rautelas Co we only pick colors, fabrics and designs that are simply elegant and nothing else at all!

There are a lot of our designs that you can explore your personal style with each of our creation offering you the opportunity to play around and keep experimenting with your personal style.